Tal 30 november

We are here to stop one of the world biggest problems: Racism, the ignorance behind racism and the need to relate all people as individuals rather than as racial categories. This is a battleground in which many battles have been fought,and it will continue in furtherance of our efforts,to free ourselves from racial domination,exploitation and aggression. Nazism,racism,islamophobic: these words have reached the level of curse words in their offesivness, these are all fruits of the same tree of hate.

We have everything to gain by keeping the working class together, by fighting to remove the gap between people,especially between Swedish and immigrants. Sweden as a ”heaven for refugees” is definitely a false reputation. Immigrants are injured by judgments and actions,they suffer everyday inequality, divides and rejection of asylum. The cause of that is those who threaten our prosperity, those politicians, ”the xenophobic forces”, Swedish directors’ and Capitalists’ evil tacticts and system. They would rather see that we blame social problems on each other than on them. This upper class serves on racism to increase the gap between us and to create divisions among us.

What good has racism done? Nothing but lots of problems! As Civil wars in Africa, Genocide in Germany, Discrimination in Asia, islamophobia. Racism has only one goal: keeping us away from the real problems and hide the real issues!
Becuase no matter what religion,colour or sex you have, if we stick together we can do something against them, together we prosper for us, for our children and for the coming generations .

To all racists, we bring assurance that racism can not survive longer. At the same time, we carry this simple message, drawn from all quarters of the globe, that we sue for victory, rather today and not tomorrow, rather tomorrow than the day after. The long awaited victory is within our grasp. Achievement has no colour.

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